Same Day Dental Implants

Get your smile back within 24 hours

At Dr. Aburas Dental Center we offer you a fast and advanced solution to replace your lost tooth, our same-day dental implant service, which will allow you to leave our clinic with a new and beautiful smile in just 24 hours. We have a team of highly qualified Implantologists to offer you a quality treatment with long-lasting results.

(The implant process entirely depends on the patient's bone condition after the consultation is done.)


  • In the first place, our Implantologist will assess your oral health, jawbone density, volume, and many other factors to determine if the same-day implant process is suitable.

  • Next, the tooth is extracted under local anesthesia or sedation.

  • Afterward, our experienced Implantologists will place the dental implant.

  • In the final stage, the dental crown is placed on it immediately and the patient can leave the clinic with a new smile. (However, it is mandatory to undergo extensive check-ups according to the indications of the Implantologist).

  • Please note that you may have to visit the clinic several times for regular check-ups. This helps to make fewer adjustments if required

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Am I a good candidate for same-day dental implants?

This is the most concerning fact for our Implantologists. It is essential that there is a good quantity and quality of bone capable of providing stability and support to the implant in order to proceed with the placement of same-day dental implants. For this reason, an exhaustive evaluation of the patient's jawbone situation, such as density, volume, or dimension like width and height, and also the neighboring anatomical structures and other factors are carried out first.

Do I need to go for checkups after the implantation?

One week after the procedure you should visit the clinic to make sure that the tissues are healing properly. After the first checkup, the Implantologist will guide you for further proceeding and guidance.

Should I follow any diet plan after the surgery?

There are some foods that you will not be able to eat for several weeks until the implant body has fused properly with the surrounding bone. Our Implantologists will inform you about the post-operative care instructions.

How much does it cost for a same-day implant service?

This is a factor that varies from patient to patient, as it depends on elements such as: the number of implants required, the condition of the jawbone, etc.) In other words, each case has a different level of complexity that can only be determined after a consultation with a qualified Implantologist.


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