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Bone Graft & Sinus Lift in Dubai

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Bone grafts and sinus lifts are performed to create a stable foundation for dental implants. In bone grafting, also referred to as regenerative surgery, bone substitute material is implanted into the alveolar ridge, with the aim of preserving it. After placing the bone substitute material into the patient's bone, the healing process begins, allowing the material to integrate with the bone. A sinus lift (or sinus augmentation), on the other hand, involves lifting the sinus membrane and packing the area with bone substitute material. Both procedures contribute to long-term implant stability.

Bone Graft & Sinus Lift in Dubai – Who Needs Them?

When you lose a tooth, the jaw and gum tissue can start to deteriorate over time. This typically happens around 6 months after the tooth loss, as the underlying tissue recedes and weakens. If you have been using dentures, dental bridges, or have not addressed a missing tooth, you might need a bone graft or sinus lift before getting an implant.  

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Bone Graft 

Bone grafting serves various purposes in dental procedures:

  1. Save teeth – Bone grafting provides additional support to teeth affected by severe periodontal disease and bone loss.
  2. Socket preservation – Grafting during tooth extraction maintains bone and gum height, which is particularly useful when planning to restore the extracted tooth with an implant or prosthesis.
  3. Dental implant placement – Sufficient bone support is crucial for successful implant placement. Bone grafting can increase bone volume before or during implant placement, and even augment existing implants.
  4. Aesthetic enhancements – Bone grafting can be used to improve gum-to-tooth harmony, enhancing the smile's appearance to achieve a patient’s cosmetic goals.

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Sinus Lift

For those who require dental implants to replace missing teeth, a sinus lift is necessary if there is insufficient bone height in the upper molar/premolar area. The lack of bone can be attributed to natural maxillary sinus/jaw anatomy or bone loss resulting from tooth loss.

Healing Time After a Bone Graft or Sinus Lift

Recovery from a dental bone graft can vary, but typically, you may feel normal within a week or two. However, complete healing of the graft can take anywhere from 3-9 months or longer. The recovery time depends on factors such as the type of graft, the location of the graft, and individual healing capabilities.

The healing time after a sinus lift procedure can vary, typically taking around 5 to 7 months. However, this may be shorter or longer, depending on the individual healing factors of the patient. 

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General Q&A

Bone grafting is a dental procedure that involves adding bone material to the jawbone to increase its height or width. This can be done to prepare the jawbone for dental implant placement, to repair damaged bone, or to improve the overall structure of the jaw.

Sinus lift is a surgical procedure that involves adding bone to the upper jaw in the area of the molars and premolars to make room for the sinus cavity. This is done to allow for the placement of dental implants in the upper jaw.

Bone grafting and sinus lift are necessary when the jawbone has been damaged or resorbed, making it difficult to place dental implants. In the case of a sinus lift, it may be necessary to make room for the sinus cavity to allow for proper implant placement.

Bone grafting involves taking a bone graft from another area of the body or using synthetic bone material and placing it in the jawbone. Sinus lift involves making an incision in the gum tissue and lifting the sinus membrane, then adding bone material to the area.

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