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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dental Clinic

We at Aburas Dental Center in Dubai believe that dental care should not be scary.

At Kids dental clinic we work to make your child’s visit funny and interesting. In addition to provide a high level of dental treatments during your kids visit.

Our specialist pediatric dentist, has been trained to communicate with the child, and taking care of the dental hygiene, in addition to guide both parents and kids about good oral and dental health.

Oral and dental care shouldn’t take place only at the dental clinic, it starts at home from the first month of the baby.

Our pediatric dental clinics in Dubai have been equipped with latest technology and decorated in an enjoyable way with cartoon characters and kids games all around, offering a wide range of dental treatments tailored for children dental care.

We at Dr. Aburas dental center provide high level techniques, and different methods of anesthesia ranging from local anesthesia to general anesthesia.

We also use the laughing gas for more pleasant atmosphere which will help your kid to stay more relax and calm and enjoy the dental visit so we turn the dental visit to an easygoing, joyful and funny visit without pain.

Nitrous Oxide Gas:

Nitrous Oxide Gas is mixed with oxygen and inhaled through a mask via patient nose to help him be more comfortable during the treatment, this option will be provided in some treatments and will not put the patient completely to sleep.

Electronic dental anesthesia EDA

Now available at Dr. Aburas Dental Center, called the MAGIC PEN. With this local anesthesia method we can control pain without using the traditional scary syringe. It’s a computer controlled dental anesthesia ( Quicksleeper).The very tiny needle used with this device is almost painless, the numb feeling is less and doesn’t have that long lasting effect. Due to Electronic dental anesthesia the risk of biting the lips after the treatment is almost zero.Electronic anesthesia has shown good result in pain control for all patients .

General Anesthesia

Many kids visit our pediatric dental clinics in Jumeirah and Deira in pain and we try to make their visit as comfortable as possible.There are always some cases where the nitrous oxide sedation might not be enough and we have to proceed with the treatment under General Anesthesia together with an Anesthetist at the hospital.Moreover kids with special needs or communicating problems, their dental procedure has to be done under general anesthesia as well.

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