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Experienced Orthodontists and Dental Braces

Dr. Aburas Dental Center has specilized orthodontist in Dubai, allowing our clients to experience the joys of an attractive smile and a properly effective bite. If you are not happy because crowded, inappropriately space out, or crooked teeth, which are forcing you to hide your smile and causing you trouble in properly eating, chewing and biting, the orthodontics in Dubai offered by best orthodontist in Dubai at Dr. Aburas Dental Center is the complete solution for your all such problems. Our orthodontist in Dubai understands that your smile is a valuable asset of your personality. Orthodontics in Dubai offered by our well-experienced orthodontist can radically improve your smile which will positively enhance your overall look and personality. We can completely help you with maintaining the health of your teeth and gums because we understand that it is equally important. We have the best orthodontist in Dubai at Dr. Aburas Dental Center to provide you with properly aligned teeth, which will support you to enhance your self-confidence. Our orthodontist in Dubai makes use of the most advanced technology and techniques to provide our clients with the most proficient orthodontics in Dubai for effective aligning of teeth and improving bites to satisfy the requirements and objectives of each of our individual client.

Common Complications Our Orthodontics in Dubai Can Address

Our expert orthodontist in Dubai at Dr. Aburas Dental Center can evaluate the requirement of orthodontic treatment for your teeth. Our orthodontist in Dubai makes use of the most appropriate tools such as a complete scientific analysis, dental fitness records, and x-rays. Following are the common problems we deal with:

  • Upper front teeth protrusion
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Openbite
  • Crossbite
  • Crowding, crooked or overlapping teeth
  • Inappropriate Teeth Spacing

Orthodontic Treatments Options

A number of treatment options are available at present at Dr. Aburas Dental Center provided by the experinced orthodontist in Dubai. We allow you to choose from the variety of options to get braces in Dubai ranging from clear aligners to invisible, metal or ceramic braces. Our orthodontist decides your treatment on the basis of a number of variables such as age, variances in the size of teeth bone base and possible jaw malocclusion, and takes complete responsibility for making the most appropriate decision in providing you with a beautiful smile.

You Are Never Too Old For Braces in Dubai

Always remember that orthodontics in Dubai is not for children only. Tooth alignment can be adjusted at any age considering the fact that your gums and bone are in a healthy condition. To consult with our orthodontist in Dubai, you can visit or contact Dr. Aburas Dental Center.