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Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Dentist Appointment is not a nightmare anymore and the all dental treatments will be done while you are dreaming. Because in Dr. Aburas Dental center in Dubai most of the time we perform the painful and scary dental procedures under Nitrous Oxide sedation.

What does sedation mean?

Elimination of pain and anxiety in a conscious patient. That means the patient will be awake and responds normally to verbal commands.

All vital signs will be monitored to make sure that they are stable along the duration of the procedure, there is no significant risk of the absence of protective reflexes, and the patient will be able to return to his normal situation directly after we remove the nasal mask.

What are the dental procedures can be done under Nitrous Oxide?

Most of the dental treatments can be done under the sedation of Nitrous Oxide now in Dubai, like teeth extraction, root canal treatments, and any other surgical procedure.

Who is the patient that should go for Nitrous Oxide?

Indications for use of nitrous oxide sedation include:

  • Child patient who is fearful, anxious, or obstreperous.
  • Patients who can’t be anesthetized by local anesthesia.
  • Patients who have a severe gag reflex that interferes with dental treatments.
  • A cooperative child but needs a very long dental procedure.
  • Patients with special health care needs.

The benefits of nitrous oxide sedation include:

  • Reduce or eliminate the pain and anxiety.
  • Avoid untoward movement or reactions may interfere with dental treatments.
  • Raising the patient ability to communicate and cooperate.
  • Rising of the pain reaction threshold.
  • Enhance the patient tolerance for long procedures
  • Help the dentists to treat the patients who are mentally or physically disabled
  • Help the dentists to treat the medically compromised patient.
  • Decreasing the gagging.
  • Potentiate the effect of sedatives.

Disadvantages of nitrous oxide:

  • Lack of potency that’s why sometimes we need to make an additional local anesthesia, but absolutely, it will be painless. Because the patient is already sedated.
  • Depend a lot on the psychological reassurance.
  • Interference of the nasal mask with the operation field in the maxillary anterior area.
  • The patient must have the ability to breathe through the nose so we can’t use Nitrous oxide with patients have nose breathing problems.
  • The pollution of Nitrous oxide and there is a potential chance of exposure health hazards on the medical team.

How does the Nitrous Oxide work?

  • The sedation will starts by fixing the nasal mask on the patient nose, the patient should inhale through the nose normally.
  • There is two gas container in the device one of them Oxegen and the other is nitrous.
  • The dentist will measure the vital signs of your body like the pulse and the blood pressure; will fix a small device on your finger to monitor that signs.
  • After you inhale the gas you will start to go in sedation you have a little heaviness in hands, legs, and head.

Some patients fall in asleep but still responding. And after removing the mask you will back to your normal situation after few minutes.