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Full mouth rehabilitation

Dr. Aburas Dental Center offers the rehabilitation or reconstruction of the oral cavity complex, which includes the restoration of the mouth and teeth to correct physiological, functional and cosmetic position through various therapeutic interventions, including surgical, non-surgical and sometimes orthodontic procedures.

What are the cases that require full mouth rehabilitation?

Most common cases requiring complete mouth reconstruction are due to complete or partial loss of teeth from wear resulting in large gaps. Such cases require further extraction and correction of vertical occlusion collapse which is the distance between the chin and nasal tips. Other dental conditions requiring full mouth rehabilitation result from either congenital, accidental or traumatic causes or in elderly due to multiple extractions with/and lack of care and replacement.

How can the full mouth rehabilitation be done?

Oral reconstruction is one of the most complex treatments in dentistry since many specialties have to be involved in the treatment. Dr. Aburas Dental center is a comprehensive center with all the dental specialties, equipped with advanced devices and equipment. Hence we provide medical experts that work as a team to handle most complicated medical cases all in-house. Such cases require a long-term treatment plan including treatment and restoration of most existing teeth, and re-implantation of previously extracted teeth. The plan will be as follows:
  • The clinical and radiological study stage:In this stage we do a comprehensive examination of all the mouth. First we take photographs for documentation then the digital 3D scan of the contents of the mouth followed by making models for the jaws. Lastly we do a three-dimensional radiography of the whole mouth to reach the right diagnosis and accordingly create a suitable treatment plan.
  • Non-treatable teeth Extraction Stage:For the majority of cases this stage consists of teeth extraction and direct replacement with dental Implants (immediate Implant)
  • Restoration of teeth and removal of all decay:In order to prevent bacterial growth cosmetic fillings are done for restoration.
  • Root canal treatment stage:Root Canal Treatment is done in order to preserve relevant teeth.
  • Teeth cleaning and gum treatment: Before any surgical procedure, we have to ensure the health of the gums and the remaining teeth by removing all sources of bacteria. This can be in the form of calculus, gingivitis or cavities. This is very important prior to surgery in order to provide clean and free of microbes oral environment.
  • Ceramic fixation stage: This final stage consists of either Ceramic Crowns installation on the prepared teeth or on inserted Implants or complete fixed over Implant dentures implementation.
  • Orthodontics stage: There are few cases requiring orthodontics treatment either to increase or reduce gaps between the teeth for proper implants placement.
  • Dental implants stage: Bone grafting is done at this stage to replace missing and extracted teeth.