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Full mouth rehabilitation

Dr. Aburas Dental Center offers the rehabilitation or construction of the oral cavity complex, which includes the restoration of the mouth and teeth to the correct physiological, functional and cosmetic position and through various therapeutic interventions, including surgical, non-surgical and sometimes orthodontic procedures.

What are the cases that require full mouth rehabilitation?

The cases that require complete reconstruction of the mouth are mouths completely devoid of teeth or contain large areas free of teeth or when most of the teeth are destroyed and worn out and need to be extracted or treated, and usually these cases are associated with a collapse in the occlusion or what is known as the vertical dimension of The occlusion is the distance between the chin tip and the nasal tip.

And the reasons are multiple, including congenital and acquired reasons such as accidents and traumas and most of these cases are in the elderly due to multiple extractions of teeth and lack of care in replacing.

How can the full mouth rehabilitation be done?

Oral reconstruction is one of the most difficult treatments in dentistry because many specialties have to be involved in the treatment. Dr. Aburas Dental center is a comprehensive center for all dental specialties, equipped with advanced devices and equipment. We provide the medical experts that works as a team to handle the most complicated medical cases.

Such cases require a long-term treatment plan including treatment and restoration of most existing teeth, and re-implantation of previously extracted teeth. The plan will be as follows:

  • The clinical and radiological study stage:

In this stage we do a comprehensive examination of all the mouth and taking photographs for documentation and then the digital 3D scan of the contents of the mouth and also make models for the jaws then we do a three-dimensional radiography all of that to make the right diagnosis and create a suitable treatment plan.

  • Teeth cleaning and gum treatment:

Before any surgical procedure, we have to ensure the health of the gum and clean the remaining teeth and remove all sources of bacteria inside the mouth like calculus and gingivitis and cavities in order to provide clean and free of microbes oral environment as much as possible to continue any later treatment, especially if it’s a surgical one

  • Non-treatable teeth Extraction Stage:

In most cases, this phase contains teeth extraction and direct replacement with a dental implant (immediate implant) and, if possible, implantation of previously lost teeth.

  • Restoration of teeth and removal of all decay:

Because tooth decay is a source of bacteria should be removed and restored by cosmetic fillings

  • Root canal treatment stage:

Some teeth can be kept if we just did root canal treatment.

  • Orthodontics stage:

There are few cases of Full mouth rehabilitation in which we need orthodontics during the treatment plan, in case we need to provide some spaces to make dental implants or to close the spaces between the teeth and others…..

  • Dental implants stage:

If the teeth are not replaced immediately after extraction, or there are no teeth needed for the extraction, where they were previously removed. At this stage, bone grafting is done if needed.

  • Ceramic fixation stage:

The final stage in which ceramic crowns are installed on prepared teeth or inserted implants.
complete fixed over-implant dentures can be used also in this stage.