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Dental Implants in Dubai

While you may think that regular teeth care such and brushing and flossing and visiting your dentist will make your teeth last a lifetime but there are times when your teeth just cannot keep up. If you have lost a tooth or more because of an injury or disease, dental implants in Dubai by Dr. Aburas Dental Center can bring your smile back and revive your oral health.

We Are the First

Dr. Aburas Dental Center feels honored for being the first clinic to introduce implantology techniques for dental implants in Dubai. A dental implant is a synthetic root for a tooth in the form of a support, which is surgically positioned into the jawbone. A dental implant is generally made of titanium, a metal that is well-suited to be paired with the human bones. A replacement tooth is then fixed to the support. The tooth can be either removable or attached permanently. Permanently attached teeth are much stable and appear and feel just like the natural teeth.

Same Day Dental Implant Dubai

We understand that most of the people are leading a really busy life and visiting dentist for a number of times can be a difficult task. Therefore, Dr. Aburas Dental Center offers same day dental implants in Dubai for all such people. The same day dental implant in Dubai has been made possible with the invention of EPT, which have converted a typically complex process of dental implant in Dubai into a convenient, standard and totally pain-free procedure. Our dental implants in Dubai will get your smile back in a quick and efficient manner, whether you require a single tooth implant or implantation for large tooth gaps, teeth implants is the solution to have your lost teeth back.

How We Do It?

At Dr. Aburas Dental Center, we use 3D radiographic analysis, making a digital scan for the mouth to formulate the simulations on our 3D printer for the dental implants in Dubai after the primary consultation and before the planned implant placement. The replacement teeth are exclusively fabricated to meet the parameters of your mouth and the specifications of your condition.

Dr. Aburas Dental Center Advantage

Loss of teeth does not only impact your smile but also cause problems in speaking and eating. Dental implant in Dubai by Dr. Aburas Dental Center allows you to gain back your confidence and speak and eat with all the comfort at the most economical tooth implant cost in Dubai. If you are looking for dental implants in Dubai, opt for dental experts at Dr. Aburas Dental Center only because we work as a team with advanced techniques and an aim to create beautiful smiles.

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