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Bone Grafting and Sinus Lift Techniques

Bone graft and sinus loft techniques

Dr. Aburas Dental Center is among the few dental clinics in Dubai to solve the most serious problem occurred in the implantology. This problem is associated with the bone loss due to injury or periodontal disease in the targeted area of the jaw where the implant is required to be placed. This loss of supporting bone can be in various shapes either horizontally or vertically and in different grades from mild to severe. This bone loss mainly happens when an individual has left an area with missing teeth untreated for a long time.

We Follow Most Advance Practice

Dr. Aburas Dental Center can solve this problem with the most advanced surgical procedures knows as bone reconstruction. at our dental clinics in dubai we use the different types of bone grafting substance, which are selected after the careful consideration based on several factors related to the condition of jaw bones and oral health of the patient. Among other dental clinics in Dubai, Dr. Aburas Dental Center offers treatment of “maxillary sinus floor falling down”, a disorder which is responsible for bone loss within the maxilla itself.

How We Do It?

Our dentists in Dubai at Dr. Aburas Dental Center are highly qualified to conduct the very complicated surgical procedure of bone grafting to restore the missing parts of bone in order to repair bone fractures or loss of bone. When it comes to normal and healthy bones, they have the amazing capability of rejuvenating and restoring itself properly, however, it requires very fine gaps in the middle of the two fractured parts of the jaw bone or a type of structure to execute its capability to reconcile itself. We aim to help those patients who have larger gap or loss which hinders the rejuvenation capability of the jaw bone. In such situation, our dentists in Dubai provide the solution of bone grafting in order full up the gaps or spaces between the two parts of the fractured bone or to increase the mass of bone in the required area.

Types of Bone Grafts We Use

As one of the top dental clinics in Dubai, we use a wide range of bone graft substances at Dr. Aburas Dental Center. This includes:

  • Auto-graft
  • Allograft
  • Xeno-graft
  • Synthetic bone graft

Sinus Floor Lift

Our expert dentists in Dubai at Dr. Aburas Dental Center are also adept in “Sinus floor lift”. It is required when the sinus becomes bigger and reduces the height of the upper bone after losing the nearest teeth to the maxillary sinus’s floor and makes the implantation difficult and more complex.