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Where can Special-Needs' People Receive their Dental Care in Dubai?

Searching for a Dentist:

When you’re seeking for a good dentist, the American Dental Association (ADA) suggests these ideas:

  • Ask for advice from your family, friends, co-workers, or neighbors, and they will tell you about their dental experience.
  • Get some information from your family doctor or pharmacist in your neighborhood.
  • Ask your current dentist for his recommendation if you’re moving to another city.
  • Searching on the internet, or local telephone directories.
  • Contact your local dental society in the city as the DHA here in Dubai, and it will provide you a list of local dentists, dental centers or hospitals with dental services.

What should you Look For When Choosing Your Dentist in Dubai?

Dental treatment is usually a long-term procedure that’s why it will as a partner relationship between you and your dentist or will be developed to friendship most of the time; therefore, you should find a dentist you can be comfortable with.

The American Dental Association (ADA)To locate a suitable dentist who meets your needs, as a first step try to answer these following questions:

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As a second step if you are visiting a dentist’s clinic:

  • Does the clinic appear to be really clean, neat, and orderly?
  • Do all the surfaces, tools, dental chair and equipment in the treatment room appear well sterilized?
  • Does the dental staff look corporate, helpful and ready to answer your inquiries?
  • Do you see the dentist and staff wearing gloves and other protective wear during the patient treatment?

Dr. Aburas Dental Center will provide you the best answers for all these questions.

Where can Special-Needs’ People Receive their Dental Care in Dubai?

The ADA suggests the following points for finding a dental clinic for who has special needs:

  • Tell the dentist about your special health or economic situations.
  • Ask if the clinic team has got training or has an enough experience in treating patients with the special conditions.
  • Ask if the clinic team has an interest in managing patients with the special condition.
  • Ask if the clinic participates in the dental insurance programs for people with special needs.

Ask if the dental facility is accessible to the people with special needs.