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Crowns and Bridges

Dr. Aburas Dental Center offer Zircon crowns as they are considered to be the most aesthetic crown available. The appearance of Zircon crowns and bridges are very similar to natural teeth and it is almost impossible to tell any difference. Our dentists are highly skilled to offer Zircon crowns, which are very famous kind of all-ceramic crowns. Our best dentist in Dubai can provide you with Zircon crowns to enhance the look of your teeth that have got stains or become disfigured as they get old. We claim to be the best dental clinic in Dubai because we offer strong, comfortable to wear and long lasting Zircon crowns. Moreover, Zircon crowns also possess a radiant look that makes it hard to identify them among your natural teeth. It is extremely difficult to distinguish a Zircon crown from your own teeth.

How to Get a Zircon Crown?

we offer the most convenient and effective process to provide our clients with a Zircon crown. Our dentist in Dubai carries out the whole process in two major steps where the first step is preparation and in second stage crown is fitted.

Preparation and Impression

During the first stage, our dentist evaluates your teeth and measure them for the crown. we tend to discuss the complete process with the patient before making your affected tooth ready for crowning. This preparation of tooth includes the cleaning of the tooth initially, prior to the reshaping the teeth with a small drill. then the dentist removes a small amount of silver of tooth in order to make sure that the tooth is in proper shape for the crown. The preparation process is followed by getting impression of the teeth where a mold is made with dental putty and the patient is asked to bite into it. This impression is used to get the Zircon crown produced in the accurate size


In the second stage, our dentist fits the new Zircon crown. At first, the tooth that has to get the Zircon crown is scratched with a special dental substance, which is used to scuff the surface in order to enhance the bonding between the tooth and the crown. The crown is then fitted over the tooth. then we check its look and fitting prior to reinforcing it into the position. At last, your Zircon crown is polished.

Ceramic crwons in single visit with CEREC

with SEREC, you can get your crown or any other kind of ceramic restoration in single visit, becuase CEREC can perform the dental lab works so you will not spend many day just waiting for the lab to finish you ceramic restorations and to find another appintment in your dentist’s schedual. You will have it in the same first appintment.