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How to get white teeth?

Every individual wishes for a cleaner and whiter teeth which look healthy but with the time our teeth get discolored and tend to lose their shine. At Dr. Aburas Dental Center, teeth whitening in Dubai has never been easier before. A number of people have achieved the smile they have been wishing for. We offer a secure, quick and cost-effective teeth whitening in Dubai. Our dentist in Dubai is skilled to used dental whitening procedure to treat the discoloration of teeth. This can be caused aging and staining due to chemical damage to the teeth. There are a number of elements such as your diet, which may include drinking of tea, coffee, soda, etc. and lifestyle such as habit of smoking, which can cause the staining of your teeth. Our best dentist in Dubai used the most advanced teeth whitening technology to provide our clients with an attractive and dazzling smile.

A large number of individuals are enjoying brighter and more appealing smiles with our teeth whitening in Dubai. Our best dentist in Dubai offers two types of in-office teeth whitening along with take-home whitening trays for teeth cleaning in Dubai.

Zoom Teeth Whitening

At Dr. Aburas Dental Center, we treat a large number of people who particularly ask for Zoom whitening treatment. It is a total in-office teeth whitening process that can brighten up the teeth within an hour. Prior to Zoom whitening, we provide our clients with a thorough teeth cleaning in order to make sure that teeth are evenly brightened up after the whitening treatment. Zoom teeth whitening is the most in-demand teeth whitening in Dubai because it has been proven to be secure, effective, convenient and fast, performed by our best dentist in Dubai.

Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening in Dubai is the latest and the quickest method of dental whitening, which make use of a special type of Diode laser. Laser teeth whitening requires only 20 minutes to provide you with a bright smile. Laser teeth whitening is most suitable for people with minor staining on teeth and eliminates the yellowing of the teeth.

Take-Home Whitening Trays for Teeth Cleaning In Dubai

Our dentist in Dubai takes the impression of your teeth to develop customized transparent tray that fits properly to your teeth. Each tray is filled with the teeth whitening gel and then the tray is inserted and applied on your teeth for a varying duration ranging from half an hour to 2 hours on a daily basis. It may take two to three weeks to bring a substantial outcome depending on the nature of stains and severity of discoloration.