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The Healthy Bright Smile

For those individuals who are not happy with the way their teeth appear or if this stops them from enjoying a full smile in public then Dr. Aburas Dental Center in Dubai can offer an amazing teeth makeover for such individuals. There is no doubt that we all desire milky white teeth and bright smile at a reasonable cost. Dr. Aburas Dental Center is addressing all such concerns with the use of most advanced technologies to provide you with The Healthy Bright Smile. The Healthy Bright Smile is offered for all our clients who wish to have an attractive and spectacular smile. Most suitable option for improving natural magnificence and facial expressions, The Healthy Bright Smile can fulfill the desires of the people who wish for a cosmetic transformation of their teeth and particularly in cases of with crooked and stained teeth.

What is The Healthy Bright Smile?

The Healthy Bright Smile is the dental cosmetic treatment applied for the improvement of the color, shape, and placement of your teeth with the use of a number of different dental procedures such as ceramic crowns, veneers, braces or even laser whitening. Veneers for The Healthy Bright Smile are made from the finest ceramic which will assure naturally looking beautiful teeth.

Analysis and Treatment Plan for The Healthy Bright Smile

If an individual is experiencing tooth decay or any kind of gum disease, it will be necessary to first get proper treatment for the decay in order to make sure that the teeth and gums are healthy prior to the application of veneers. Application of veneers for The Healthy Bright Smile can also mask teeth with stains or discoloration as well as chipped or cracked teeth. To repair the discoloration, crooked shape or uneven, lopsided teeth our dentist at Dr. Aburas Dental Center will evaluate your teeth and formulate a complete treatment plan, which will be individualized to yourself. Our dentist in Dubai makes use of the most advanced techniques and equipment to deliver the optimum and durable solutions for our clients such as Laser whitening with NANO technology. The way your teeth look can be improved by the use of direct bleaching or other secondary treatments. A Laser whitening method is more effective and usually takes only 60 minutes. The cost of Laser whitening will vary based on the specific system used. It is important to follow the practice of healthy eating after you have undergone this teeth whitening treatment. Our experts at Dr. Aburas Dental Centre are always available to provide you with further guidance about having The Healthy Bright Smile in Dubai. Our dentist in Dubai understands the importance of having proper shape, health, and proportion of the gums and proper bite for you to obtain an attractive smile. At Dr. Aburas Dental Centre, our main objective is to improve and enhance your teeth.