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Intra Oral 3D Scanner

is another advanced technology that is being used by our specialists at Dr.Aburas Dental Centres in Dubai. An intraoral scanner is a device that is used to capture a direct optical impression. The scanner projects a light source onto the area to be scanned. The images are captured by imaging sensors and are processed by scanning software, which then produces a 3D surface model.
Intraoral dental 3D scanners are small handheld scanners that go directly into the patient’s mouth to examine the inside as well as to scan the teeth directly. They are significantly faster than impressions as the scans can be processed immediately, meaning they can be used to skip the impression stage. Dental impressions are now very common and they are used for various dental purposes. These impressions may be used in creating mouth guards, retainers, accurate models, whitening trays, crowns, veneers, bridges, dentures, among others.

What are the advantages of 3D imaging?

Without extending patient visits during an exam, benefits of 3D imaging include: A boost in diagnostic confidence. A substitute for expensive and evasive diagnostic procedures. Facilitate planning for non-invasive procedures.