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Intra Oral Camera

The dentist in Dubai and around the world are constantly searching for the ways the treat conditions and diagnosis in the oral environment. The capability to diagnose different types of oral pathology is a huge benefit to both dentists and patients. The early diagnosis of the problems allows reducing interventions such as preventive resin restoration of a remineralization therapy. Combining advanced diagnostics techniques with the patient’s ability to visualize their oral conditions, creates an alarming effect for patients goes ahead with these reduce invasive treatments. The best dental clinics in Dubai suggests a strong call to action for both the patient and the dentist alike. The top dental clinics in Dubai suggests to have an accuracy of about 30%, and other radiographs reported the accuracy factor is 70%. The main issue of this technology is that the structure of the tooth has to suffer enough damage just for the lesion to become visible and after that, the patient definitely needs a filling. The outdated lesion detection techniques are not capable enough of spotting early and small pathologies. The new technology is now available at the best dental clinics in Dubai which helps them to quantify and locate problems in the gingival tissues as wee as the teeth.

The best dentist in Dubai can only identify the issue but it is just a first step, the patient should understand the trouble of treatment, and the intraoral camera is on the best tool to engage patients emotionally with their oral health. When the patient sees the problem with their own eyes they become more emotionally involved and try to find the solution for themselves

How Does Intraoral Camera Work?

Just a little longer than the size of a pen, a tiny lens is fitted on the top of its tip. At the best dental clinics in Dubai, the intraoral camera is linked with the computer of the dentist when they move it around the mouth it captures images.

Benefits of Intraoral Camera

A kind of intraoral camera has been around for the past 25 to 30 years, but with the advanced technology and the combination of amazing features, they have become an important part of the top dental clinics in Dubai. The wand of the intraoral camera is very lightweight, along with latest radiographs the quality of the image and zooming capability of the camera provides the details of the problem.

The best dental clinics in Dubai, always refer a checkup with an intraoral camera, because it can detect smallest problems in just a few seconds. We have the best dentist in Dubai, to provide you world class services with the use of advanced technology. This is the reason that Dr. Aburas Dental Center is so much popular among everyone