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iCAT 3D Dental Imaging

In today’s world, the patients are more educated, better informed, and play a more effective role in their health care. This advanced technology help patients to understand their treatment options. 3D imaging is a new form of digital x-ray which is specifically designed to visualize the jaws and head. It is just like a virtual tour of the patients head, you can find this technology only at the best dental clinics in Dubai. The 3D dental imaging helps your doctor to provide stress-free dental imaging for precise and delicate dental health diagnosis.

Why 3D Imaging is better?

Traditional orthodontic x-rays have reported many times for distortion and magnification error for dental implant in Dubai. The system of 3D imaging is one hundred percent accurate with reduce radiation exposure. If we compare the medical scanners with ICAT 3D imaging system, then it can be said that 3D imaging is 15 times more accurate with 90% less radiation. One more advantage of using ICAT software, the medical and dental professionals can share their 3D data easily and can also send the data to any dental clinic in Dubai.


  • The exact location of impacted/extra teeth.
  • TMJ Evaluations.
  • Surgical Cases Treatment Planning.
  • Evaluation of Implant Placement.
  • Airway/Sleep Apnea Assessments.

The best dental clinics in Dubai provides seating option in an open, non-invasive environment. The total of 8-second scan provides 3 dimension images in just one minute.


  • A short scan will provide reliable data for a complete diagnosis.
  • Safe diagnosis and reduce radiation.
  • Increased Comfort.
  • It is a very cost-effective procedure and the dental doctor can easily share the data with the patient.

Radiology Facts

The radiation produces through ICAT is similar to the radiation that is produced by other x-ray machines. The key issues is the overall amount of radiation that is utilized for orthodontic diagnostic reasons. 3D imaging is recommended by the dental clinics in Dubai because it provides the best results in orthodontic care. Before treating the patient the best dentist in Dubai always suggest you to do a complete 3D scan because it provides more detailed information that other digital x-rays. This technology helps with the individual diagnosis so an effective treatment plan with great results can be obtained for each patient. There are also many patients who are suffering from other medical conditions fears to perform a 3D scan because of the radiation. The top dental clinics in Dubai suggests that performing a 3D scan is safe and does not have any after-effects.

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