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Digital X-Ray

The technology in dentistry has improved the way the dentists train their skills. Thanks to the modern science new techniques allows patients to receive dental treatment with the pain and in a cost-effective manner. The new dental technology which is used by the best dental clinics in Dubai is established to make digital x-rays safer, cost effective, and more convenient. Traditionally, the dental x-rays brings up several different issues for patients, which includes time of the development of the film, environmental concern and the overall cost. The top dental clinics in Dubai is now handling these problems with digital radiography which a very high-tech replacement for the outdated dental x-rays.

New Digital Dental X-rays

Most of the process of the radiography is almost similar to the outdated dental X-rays that use film. The dentist in Dubai inserts a sensor in the mouth to capture the images of the patient’s teeth. The film resembles with the bitewings (BW) and other types of X-rays, the electronic digital sensor is connected to a computer which generates an image in the screen which is reviewed by the dentist.

Digital Dental Radiography Benefits

The top dental clinics in Dubai uses the gear in digital radiography which exposes the dental patients to reduce radiation. It is fact that digital x-rays consume up to 95% radiation than other film x-rays. The top dental clinics in Dubai suggests, that the new digital dental x-rays are safer than the traditional x-rays and the radiography is the best option for those who are concerned about radiation and for those who takes x-rays every single day. Some other benefits of the digital dental radiography are:

  • High Quality Images: The original size of the outdated x-rays can make watching difficult, but according to the best dental clinics in Dubai the digital radiography can be magnified or enlarged for best visual of the teeth structure.
  • Provides Dental Data: The digital radiography helps to reduce the time of the appointment because with the outdated dental x-rays version you have to wait for a longer period of time.
  • Environmental Friendly: The best dentist in Dubai always suggests that Digital dental X-rays are the best for the environment because with digital radiography, and with no chemicals are used in the making of the film. It is important to know that there is also no extra space for a darkroom with red light and no need to save film, which can mound up in a dentist’s shelve.
  • Easily Transferable: The new digital images are easily transferable as the can be emailed to a best dentist in Dubai for an immediate review. Digital x-rays have the ability to save money and time which they waste in copying and mailing. All these facilities makes it easier to transfer the dental records to get another opinion from an expert.

All the top dental clinics in Dubai including Dr. Aburas Dental Center are now converting them to latest technology which is the need of today’s dentistry.