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What is CEREC Technology?

The technological advancement is changing many lives, each and every profession is now in need of technology, and dentistry is among them. DR. Aburas dental clinic in Dubai, take advantage from CEREC technology to manufacture and design the whole restoration like bridges, crowns, over implants crowns and dentures, prosthetics, orthodontics and implantology, and veeners in Dubai.


The CEREC milling and grinding machines are equipped with a device to vacuum up the mill shavings and new precision tools in the best dental clinics in Dubai. This machine can be used for both dry and wet processing, while dry milling has the ability to save a considerable amount of time. The restoration doesn’t need to be dried before sintering which enables the chairside procedure. There is not a single difference between of quality of wet and dry milling processes. The advantage is that the dry dust is easily removable by using an integrated, short cleaning program. This all happens in DR, ABURAS Dental Center which is one of the top dental clinics in Dubai.

CEREC Benefits

The CEREC restoration is a fast and cost-effective process, the independently manufactured surgical guide is just a part of the combine surgical implementation and implant plan by using 3D X-ray and CAD/CAM systems from SIRONA.

  • It is a precise, Cost-effective production.
  • You can control all steps by yourself such as 3D X-ray to the final restoration.
  • It has the ability to produce surgical guides on the basis of your planning data.
  • It easily gets your implants and any kind of ceramic restoration in just a single visit.
  • It can save and document all the cases on the same device.


The SIRONA dental system is generally used for full or partial edentulous mandibles and maxillae are support of multiple or single units cement-retained restoration in top dental clinics in Dubai. For SBL 3.3L and SSO 3.5L titanium bases, the signs are regulated to the replacement of single lateral incisors in the maxilla and central incisors and lateral in the mandible. This system can be classified into three main parts:

  • inCoris.
  • TiBase.
  • Mesostructure, and CAD/CAM software.

This system is only available at the top dental clinics in Dubai, Particularly, the Tibase components and inCoris mesostructured combines to form a two-piece abutment that is normally used in conjunction and also with endosseous dental clinics in Dubai to reestablish the aesthetic and function in the oral cavity. According to the guide the inCoris mesostructure can also be used in conjunction with the Camlog titanium base CAD/CAM in the Camlog implant system which is only available in the best dental clinic in Dubai. The purpose of the CAD/CAM is to fabricate and design the inCoris mesostructured. The TiBase two-piece and inCoris abutment is only well-matched with the following implant systems in the top dental clinics in Dubai.