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CAD CAM NANO Technology

What is CAD CAM NANO Technology?

The technological advancement is changing many lives and industries, each and every profession is now in need of technology, and dentistry is among them. Computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) are software programs that aid professionals performing complex dental procedures.
At Dr. Aburas Dental Centre in Dubai with the use of CAD CAM NANO Technology there is no need to use impressions, because the technology will create custom 3-D images of your prepared tooth or teeth by simply scanning them with a high –tech camera, creating a virtual design. The design guides the milling machine to carve the restoration from a solid block of restorative material which will become the basis for your tooth restoration process.

What do we use CAD CAM NANO Technology for?

At Dr. Aburas Dental Centre in Dubai, we are taking advantage from such technology to manufacture and design restorations like Crowns, Inlays, Onlays, Veneers, Bridges, Dentures, and Implant-supported restorations from high-strength ceramic.

What are the benefits of CAD CAM NANO Technology?

CAD CAM NANO Technology is a fast and cost-effective process, the independently manufactured surgical guide is just a part of the combine surgical implementation and implant plan by using 3D X-ray
  • It is a Precise, Cost-effective procedure
  • It has the ability to produce surgical guides on the basis of client’s customized data.
  • It can save and document all the cases on the same device.
  • Single-visit treatment
  • Improved client’s safety
  • All the manufacturing steps done within the clinic itself
  • It easily gets your implants and any kind of ceramic restoration in just a single visit.
  • User-friendly procedure
  • No client surprises
  • Natural restoration shades