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Today, the laser dentistry has outdated so many traditional dentistry practices, which allows the dental clinics in Dubai to make treatments less painful and precise. This newer technology in dentistry uses an intense beam of light which is cast by a dental laser. The lasers in dentistry can also be used to perform treatments like soft tissue removal and shaping. In DR. ABURAS Dental Center, treatment with dental lasers is an everyday process which reduces anxiety, bleeding, and recovery time. This is why DR. ABURAS Dental Center is one of the top dental clinics in Dubai. This is the beauty and the biggest advantage of the dental laser is that they are safe and produce far less damage than the older techniques which in other words means less pain and discomfort, and it is only possible if done by a good dentist in Dubai.

The Benefits of BIOLASE

The benefits of BIOLASE includes:

  • Less bleeding during and post-treatment.
  • Faster tissue generation and healing.
  • Less need for sutures and stitches.
  • More preservation of the natural tooth.
  • Less or no need for anesthesia.
  • Less risk of bacterial infections after the procedure.

These dental lasers should be handled with care because it is a delicate treatment and that is why it is important to consult only the best dental clinic in Dubai such as Dr. ABURAS Dental Center.


The Uses of BIOLASE

This new technology is amazingly adaptable and plays a vital role in a rising number of common dental procedures. There are so many people who associate dental dentistry with cosmetic treatments but the reality is that they are equally effective for any preventative purpose and not many dental clinics in Dubai is offering this facility. The dental lasers can be used in the following ways:

  1. Preparation of Tooth: Traditionally at the dental clinics in Dubai, a drill is used to prepare the tooth for a filling. The utilization of dental lasers eliminates the need for anesthesia and drilling. The laser has the ability to kill oral bacteria around the surgical site.
  2. Frenectomy: Laser is also capable of improving the nurturing habits and speech of children, babies, and adults. Moreover, the top dental clinics in Dubai use this technology to untie the tongue.
  3. Soft Tissue Reshaping: The dental clinics in Dubai are using lasers to the liquefy soft tissues to uncover the natural tooth, reshaping of soft tissues make your smile more attractive, and also eliminate any uncomfortable soft tissue folds which is caused by denture wear.
  4. Tumor Removal: The top dental clinics in Dubai such as DR. ABURAS Dental Center are using dental lasers to completely remove the tumor without causing any pain.
  5. Teeth Whitening: Lasers can easily participate in teeth whitening process just by increasing the particles in the peroxide bleaching solution, which is now becoming a common process.