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Gum Treatment

The gum is a very noble tissue, it's called periodontal tissues that keep the teeth roots and the supporting bone covered and protected.

Periodontal disease is the condition that affects gums and harm supporting bone structure that keeps your teeth in its place. In fact, this disease progressive if you don't care about it and keep without treatment. it has 3 stages or grades:

  1. Mild grade: the early stage it’s commonly pointed to as gingivitis. This is the accumulation of tartar on teeth that starts to damage the gum tissues nearby what makes the gum looks reddish and you will notice some blood on your tooth brush. If it's left unattended, the condition advances to the second level.
  2. Intermediate grade: this state is called periodontitis. At this point, patients begin to suffer from damage to the gums, in addition to the gum swelling and bleeding, that what makes a space formed between the teeth and gums. It’s named as pocket and become a good host to millions of bacteria. The bacteria will grow up playing a major role in creating further, permanent damage.
  3. Severe grade: periodontal disease will be more spread as people grow older, as plaque and tartar keep accumulating on teeth. and the pockets become deeper  and multiple. this stage called advanced periodontitis where the supporting bone will be badly affected and starts to be absorbed gradually giving up supporting the teeth, that's why periodontal neglect is by far the main cause of tooth loss among adults.

Dr. Aburas Dental Clinic provides scheduled visits coupled with proper dental hygiene to minimize the spread of periodontal diseases.

Periodontal treatment procedure:

Usually, gum treatment is the first dental procedure to start with, because all other treatments require a base of good, healthy and strong gum. Otherwise, the periodontal disease will affect and prevent the success of other dental treatments.

There is a unique treatment for each patient depends on the comprehensive examination for the situation of the medical history of the whole body, history of the mouth and dental treatments, patient’s oral hygiene, age, sex, smoking and alcohol drinking. The procedure contains:

  • Clinical and radiographic examination: in addition to using x-rays and visual examination to evaluate the health of bone and the magnitude of existing pockets full examination of the mouth and teeth, having some information about the medical situation of the body, the medical history, recently medication and diseases in purpose to recognize the grade of periodontitis then to define the suitable way to treat the gum.
  • Scaling: what means cleaning the tooth and eliminate the tartar and reduce the number of existing bacteria in these areas what allows the patients getting rid of bleeding gingivitis.
  • Root planning: in case there is a second grade of periodontitis then we have to make another dental treatment session to do the root planing what means deeper cleaning of the roots to reduce the gingival pockets deep by help the body to decrease the germs numbers in these pockets and allow the tissue to heal itself.
  • Surgical Treatment: in case of the advanced periodontitis, often we need a surgical intervention to eliminate the affected and inflamed supporting bone. Periodontal surgery is necessary when the tissue around your teeth is unhealthy and cannot be repaired with non-surgical treatment