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Experience the sensation of a lovely smile and a properly functioning bite! in case you assume which you are not glad along with your smile, or if you have difficulties in biting or chewing, the orthodontic remedy might be the answer for your troubles! smiles are a fantastic asset of your personality! Orthodontic treatment can dramatically enhance your look and lifestyle. Improving the health of your teeth and gums is similarly crucial. Dr. Aburas Dental Center is staffed with the best orthodontists in Dubai. Get straighter teeth to enhance your self-assurance. Our clinic uses advanced generation and strategies to offer the most effective ortho remedy in Dubai for aligning teeth and correcting bites to satisfy the wishes and goals of each individual person. We’re dedicated to providing the pleasant orthodontic care for kids, teens, and adults.

Common Problems Orthodontics in Dubai Can Solve

Only your dentist can decide whether you may need orthodontic treatment. Your orthodontist may use diagnostic tools such as a complete scientific examination and dental fitness records, a scientific exam, and x-rays.

  • Upper front teeth protrusion

The upper teeth are extending too far forward. Protruding teeth badly affect your smile and are extra vulnerable to trauma (accidental chipping).

Usually we many ways to treat this malocclusion, orthodontic the functional devices, braces, and wires.

  • Overbite

The upper front teeth amplify out over the lower front teeth, in some cases, the lower front teeth bite into the roof of the mouth, creating an inflammation and pain. In these cases, we use the functional devices and the braces in the second term of treatment and sometimes we use the orthodontic mini-implant.

  • Underbite

The lower front teeth are in front of the upper front teeth, which may cause aesthetic and functional problems. Usually, braces provided by our state of the art treatment and orthodontist Dubai is enough to solve the issue.

  • Openbite

The upper and lower front teeth do not touch each other (no overlapping). Proper chewing is impacted by this type of malocclusion. Openbite may also cause tongue-thrusting and speech impediments. In addition to the aesthetic problems. The treatment depends on orthodontic braces and wires to close the gap between the front teeth.

  • Crossbite

The upper teeth sit inside the lower teeth from both sides or one side, which can result in unfavorable growth in the jaw bone, an aesthetic problem because of the shifting in the midline and the asymmetry in the face and uneven tooth wear, as well as a headache and jaw joint pain.

A functional orthodontic device and the braces in the second stage are used in solving this problem.

  • Crowding (crooked/overlapping teeth)

Crowding teeth is a common malocclusion because the bone space is not enough to contain all teeth what genetically defined. In addition to cosmetic problems crowded teeth makes brushing and flossing more difficult to do properly, which may contribute to tooth decay and/or gum disease. Orthodontic braces provided by the top orthodontics in Dubai are the first choice of treatment but sometimes needs to extract some teeth to make enough space for the remaining teeth.

  • Teeth Spacing

Gaps between the frontal teeth may be genetically caused by the smallness of the teeth according to the supporting jaw bones or acquired by early missing teeth what create extra space in the jaw bone. This may be a cosmetic issue. The orthodontic solution is always recommended in these situations.

The best time for Orthodontic treatment (Braces):

The optimum age to trigger the treatment depends upon the deformity itself that the orthodontist in Dubai needs to correct.

An early appointment should be scheduled with an orthodontist, (usually, age 7) is the recommended to spot any potential problems that require treatment. Although the most of the children do not require active treatment or braces this early, evaluating and continuous monitoring growth can influence decision-making about procedures like space maintenance or baby tooth extractions, which may lessen or avoid more difficult treatments later. An accurate examination by an orthodontist in Dubai can anticipate the most suitable advantageous time to trigger the ortho treatment.

Orthodontic treatments options

A lot of treatment options are available at present in Dr. Aburas Dental center with the best orthodontists in Dubai; you can choose the kind of braces from clear aligners, to invisible, metal or ceramic braces. Your treatment is based on many variables like age, differences in the size of teeth bone base, possible jaw malocclusion. Your orthodontist is responsible for making the best decision for your best smile.

Can you be too old for braces in Dubai?

No! Ortho treatment isn't always just for children anymore. Tooth alignment can be modified at any age in case your gums and bone shape are healthful. Orthodontist care and treatment through braces in Dubai at later stages of age can dramatically enhance your personal look and social smile. Enhancing the health of your teeth and gums is similarly vital.

For a consultation with the orthodontist in Dubai, visit or contact your closest Dr. Aburas Dental Center branch.