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TMJ Disorder Treatment

TMD Symptoms 


Are Suffering from Jaw pain or Maigran? do you have headaches ? do you have neck pain?

these all can be symptoms of temporomandibular disorders.

Temporomandibular Disorder is the pain caused by the Temporomandibular jpint located in front of the ears where the skull and the lower jaw meet.


Diagnosing TMD


Diagnosing TMD can be complex and may require different diagnostic procedures, in most cases the disorder can be treated with non-surgical treatments, that may include drugs, bite plate or splint therapy, and stress management counseling.



TMD Symptoms:


  1.     Difficulty in opening and closing the mouth
  2.     Jaw and cheekbone pain
  3.     Tiered jaw when eating
  4.     Earache or ringing in the ears
  5.     Headaches
  6.     Popping or clicking sound when opening the mouth
  7.     Changes in bite
  8.     Pain behind the eye
  9.     Problems moving the jaw side to side 
  10.     Pain when touching the jaw muscles

Our TMD Specialist Dr Antoine Habib

Dr. Antoine Habib is TMD treatment specialist and have worked successfully with many patients.

Hundreds of Successfully Treated Cases



Why to choose Dr Aburas Dental Center for TMD treatment?


Dr Antoine Habib has treated hundreds of TMD cases by implementing Stabilization Appliance 

The treatment starts by measuring and getting the relation between the patient’s jaw and skull using face bow.



Then we send the results to a specialized technician to fabricate the splint used in TMD treatment.

This splint is the main factor that guides the jaw to relaxation position and allow the healing of the tissues of the muscle.


This is one of our special methods of treating TMD, in addition to many other treatments 


Written instruction to help patient lifestyle change 


  • TMJ pain-free jaw function
  • TMJ habit reversal muscle relaxation 
  • Soft food diet for TMD patients 
  • Sleep hygiene 
  • Head, Neck, and Shoulders hygiene.
  • Mouth opening exercise


Other TMD Treatment Appliances

  • Stabilization Appliance
  • Anterior positioning appliance 
  • Anterior bite plane 
  • Posterior bite plane
  • Pivoting appliance 
  • Soft appliance 


TMD treatment using botulinum toxin injections (botox injections)


There is a growing support for the use of botulinum toxin for the management of refractory headache, and Bruxism   



Medication injection in the TMJ 




Arthroscopy Surgery 


TMJ Surgery 


We walk the extra mile…


After treatment we keep a close eye on our patient case by following up in regular bases, weekly in the first month, and every 15 days in the second and the third month.