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Bone Grafting and Sinus Lift Techniques

The most serious problem the implantology may face is the loss of supporting bone in the target area of the jaw that needed to insert an implant. The bone loss can be in many shapes horizontal or vertical and many degrees from severe to mild. That happens when the patient has a missed teeth area for a long time.

But this problem can be solved in Dr. Aburas dental center in Dubai with a surgical procedure called "bone reconstruction" by using deferent kinds of bone grafting materials which are carefully chosen according to several factors.

Bone loss can also be inside the maxilla itself by a disorder called "maxillary sinus floor falling down"

Bone grafting:

Bone grafting: in general, is a surgical complex procedure that restores the absent parts of bone to repair bone fractures or loss of bone.

Normal and healthy bone has an amazing ability to regenerate and repair itself perfectly but it needs very narrow gaps between the two fractured parts of the bone or a sort of structure to perform its ability to heal itself.

But what if the gap or loss is bigger than bone regeneration capacity?

In this situation, the bone graft will be the solution to fill up the space or the gap between the two segments of the fractured bone or to increase the mass of bone in that area.

Types of bone grafts in dentistry:

In Dr. Aburas dental center in Dubai we use many types of bone graft substances:

  1. Auto-graft: a real bone collected from the patient’s body, the bone graft will be harvested from the patient’s bone in specific areas to use it in somewhere else in the body, and those areas where the graft is taken from are often the iliac crest or the back side of lower jaw which called the ramus.
  2. Allograft: real human bone substances that come from a donor usually can be obtained from a bone bank.
  3. Xeno-graft: real non-human bone substances come originally from a species other than human, then it will be chemically manipulated, frozen and dried to be used later in grafting the human bones.
  4. Synthetic bone graft: a combination of bone materials and biocompatible substances chemically fabricated like powder often made of hydroxyapatite.

In all cases, the bone graft will change to the real bone after few months by very complicated bio-mechanisms.

Sinus Lift:

The maxillary sinus is like a cave filled with air takes place inside the upper jaw bone. The floor of the sinus is positioned directly above the posterior upper teeth.

Maxillary sinus floor falling

After losing the nearest teeth to the maxillary sinus’s floor; the sinus gets larger and decreases the height of the upper bone. That what makes the implantation harder and more complicated. But in Dr. Aburas dental center in Dubai we can avoid this problem by a surgical procedure called "Sinus floor lift" to add some bone graft inside the sinus then the implant can be performed.