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When should you visit your orthodontist for braces?

Are you wondering if the orthodontic treatment is required for you or your child? Now in Dubai, braces treatment can include young children to older people. With a wide range of options for treatment, braces can help with a variety of dental cares and can give patients alternatives to traditional braces.

When can you start your treatment?

According to Children, what we care about the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) is always recommending that kids’ teeth must be checked at the age 7. Because the permanent teeth begin showing up in this age approximately. When this happens, troubles with teeth bites or overcrowding teeth may become visible. Braces are especially important with an underbite because the jaws growth is still in the early stages that give the orthodontic treatment a chance to lead this growth in a proper way.

And by age ten your window of opportunity would run out and treatment will be more complicated.

Even if your 7-year-old doesn’t start ortho-treatment this age, our orthodontists in Dr. Aburas dental center in Dubai can assist with problems during chewing or swallow and clicking in the jaw. Most of the braces need children are those who are suffering from teeth crowding or crooked teeth and can begin their treatment at a later age.

The note to remember is that orthodontic care doesn’t belong to a particular age and can begin at any one, young or older but the ideal time to start would be as early as age 7.

We often tell our patients that there’s no such thing as checking up with the orthodontist too early, but there is such a thing as too delayed. That is to say, if you show your kid’s teeth to the orthodontist and it’s not a suitable time to begin, the orthodontist will just instruct you on when to start.

That’s because you don’t want to hear the orthodontist saying “we wish we could have begun earlier to fix these issues.” if you take your child to the orthodontist at a later age.

Most of the orthodontics now in Dubai are about guiding the jaws growth and development, that’s why the treatment must be at a proper timing unless our success may be limited. Orthodontics in Dr. Aburas Dental Center in Dubai is a team or partnership work between the general dentists and orthodontists, and sometimes the laser specialist or maxillofacial surgeon take part in the treatment. We work only with the most gentle, non-invasive processes whenever possible. The days of pulling teeth to gain some space to correct the teeth are mostly gone.

Why may you or your kids need braces?

  • If you needed them, then there will be high potentiality that your kids will need them too.
  • Help your children to get rid of the teasing and harassment from other children because of their crooked smiles.
  • There is no specific age to have the smile you want.
  • Appliances are smaller and some of them even invisible and treatments include a wide range of options now.
  • Straight and well-positioned teeth without crowding can be healthier because there is less chance for food to accumulate between the teeth which can cause a plaque buildup, periodontal disease.

If you are in Dubai and considering braces, you can schedule an appointment now with one of our orthodontists in Dr. Aburas Dental Center to discuss your options. Most people will realize that the ortho-treatments are well-worth their time. The final results will be an attractive smile and improved self-confidence. We always offer a free consultation to get your orthodontic options!