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Teeth Cleaning and Whitening Services

Smile confidently by having white teeth in Dr. Aburas Dental Center.

Teeth whitening is a fast, easy way for brightening your smile. Can decrease the intensity of several types of dental stains and discoloration to give you a whiter, more refreshed smile. We always use the highest-quality professional whitening systems and devices to create noticeable, measurable outcomes. However, the effects of teeth whitening treatments can last for several months but not forever, lifestyle factors such as smoking, and eating and drink highly colored foods and liquids take the main role in the creation of new stains which can be removed by teeth cleaning Dubai. But they can be maintained by avoiding coloring foods, smoking, and drinks that stain and keeping up with daily oral hygiene.

In fact, the natural color of the teeth varies from person to other and depends on the darkness of teeth's dentin and that is genetically defined like the hair, eyes, and skin colors. But there are a lot of factors take a part in coloring the teeth as smoking, nature of what we eat and drink and the most important is daily oral hygiene.

As a first step, our best dentist does a complete oral examination, teeth checking and gum health evaluation before providing teeth whitening in Dubai to ensure the health of everything. In case there's something wrong must be repaired.

Second, the tooth color shade will be documented and before treatment photograph will be captured to be compared with the color shade and the photographs after the treatment is done.

All that before starting the teeth whitening procedure itself.

There are two main methods of whitening:

The Professional Office Whitening includes:

  • Zoom Technique

        The Zoom! teeth whitening technique is one of the most famous and effective professional office whitening available. it can whiten your teeth by many shades In less than a 60 minutes, Zoom is the brand name of the teeth whitening materials and devices. It's a new technique depends on the combination of the concentrated whitening gel with the chair-side whitening device manufactured by the same company that's what make them highly compatible with each other allows the active ingredients to infiltrate deeply in the tooth hard tissue and break down the dark stains. before starting the procedure a complete cleaning should be done to ensure even whitening of the teeth and the color shade and photographs are taken then as a protection procedure the gums are protected with a resin barrier to reduce future potential sensitivity and irritation.

  • Laser Teeth Whitening.

        This is the newest and the fastest method of the art of teeth whitening treatments using an especial kind of Diode laser. This procedure needs only 20 minutes to give the bright smile. This teeth whitening procedure works for patients with hardly dark stained teeth and removes the discoloration.

Take-Home Whitening Trays for teeth cleaning in Dubai:

    In the dental clinic, we take an impression for your teeth to fabricate precise models of your upper and lower teeth. We use these models to create special transparent trays fit exactly your teeth.

    Then, these trays will be used to deliver the whitening materials to your teeth. Each tray is filled with a lower concentration of teeth whitening gel than Zoom gel.

    The tray will be inserted and applied on your teeth, for periods of time ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours per day.

    Outcomes of home teeth whitening in Dubai may vary from patient to patient what depends on the nature and severity of the staining. The range of time for touchable outcomes is two to three weeks. but, because of that trays have been created to fit only your teeth exactly, they are reusable at any time provided they fit well.

    The only after treatment problem for all kinds of teeth cleaning in Dubai is a kind of sensitivity in few cases but that according to teeth nature generally lasts no longer than a day or two, but the sensitivity during use of either whitening procedure is normal because  of  receding gums is found, some wear of the teeth or maybe some cracks are found in the upper layer of the enamel of teeth. special types of toothpaste and products are found in the market to help with any mild sensitivity experienced.