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Veneers and Lumineers

Lumineers and veneers can make the smile one of your goals because you will get a new smile that matches the standard criteria like Hollywood stars' smile which is completely whiter, extremely attractive and perfectly aligned.

 In contrast to ordinary veneers wherein you need to lessen the outer surface of your tooth through 0.5 to create an enough space for the cosmetic attachment, lumineers are an instant solution for a sparking tooth. This indicates in almost all cases there's no need to drill into healthful enamel shape. In a few cases, enamel contouring can be necessary but comparatively to a lesser volume.

During childhood, the development of teeth is susceptible and prone to damage. Multiple causes like fevers, viral disease, chemical exposure can cause misshapen the teeth or make them brittle and stained. To save your teeth from these embarrassing porcelain veneers in Dubai could work to boost their confidence. 

Specialized Veneer Procedure at Dr. Aburas Dental Center

The procedure is to do a thin layer of restorative material positioned over a tooth surface, either to enhance the aesthetics of a tooth or to defend a damaged enamel surface. Lumineers are made from dental porcelain.

Conventional veneers are greater aggressive and irreversible system. The advances in dentistry had been fantastic in current years specifically with regards to perfect veneer procedures. This approach does not require conventional substantial preparation and long weeks of strategies and visits. Porcelain veneers are minimally invasive and usually gets rid of the want for anesthetics, so even as you are at it, you experience outstanding and appearance incredible. To deliver the advantages of porcelain veneers, our professionals at Dr. Aburas dental center are highly skilled and professionally trained to give you the excellent results.

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Benefits of Dental Veneers

Porcelain is the material of choice because it clearly replicates enamel. A veneer is skinny and very similar to a contact eye lens. An exceptionally thin sheet of approximately 0.3mm of porcelain bonds to the front of the enamel giving it a natural look. Porcelain is tremendous to work with; they may be used to exchange the form, shape, color, and even symmetry of your teeth and to get the wanted Hollywood smile.

  • The desired color:

The changing in the color of the teeth, typically yellowing with age, reflects the changing color of dentin where it always getting yellowish because of depositing more dentin layers on the inside surface of the tooth and as the enamel is transparent.

Colors change with time,  also, because of the certain eating foods, drinks, and cigarettes can affect the color of the teeth. A porcelain veneer has the capability to covers the worst coloration and consequently affords to shift to whiter and brighter teeth.

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  • The required shape


Chipped or cracked or abnormally worn teeth or teeth with abnormal enamel impact the whole appearance of the face. Younger teeth have rounder formed edges that come up with feminine appearance or you could layout the rims squarer to offer it robust masculine appearance. Veneers can give you whiter, and brighter, but younger smile.

  • The wanted size:

Veneers may be used to make the enamel seem larger for shorter enamel which has been worn down excessively from decay or trauma.

Or we can use it to fill the gaps between the front teeth which can be a better solution and quicker than the orthodontic and braces.

  • The best spacing and alignment:

Porcelain veneers can near a small hole among your enamel or correct alignment if some of your teeth are misaligned. Veneers are used to make moderate changes in alignment even as improving color and form of your smile