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Zircon Inlays and Onlays

Everyone has suffered from a toothache caused by decay or a pulp infection, in these cases, you should make a treatment to release the pain and save the tooth. But it’s a hard decision you should make, dental chair phobic sometimes makes that harder or the time that you don’t want to waste at that chair by long sessions and repeated appointments.

Inlays or Onlays are indirect fillings made from porcelain that insert into or onto a tooth. Its motive is to make the enamel stronger by reinforcing it while maintaining the morphological shape, aesthetically pleasing coloration. They're used in times when there are poor and not enough tooth structure to assist a filling but the tooth remains in a situation that does not require a crown.

At Dr. Aburas dental center there's no need to waste your time and wait for laboratory procedures, there's no need to be afraid of dental chair, injunction, the annoying noise of the handpiece of dentists or the pain caused by the dental procedure itself. Why?

  • We use nitrous gas before any dental procedure or injection that’s make you relax and reduce the pain to the minimum so you can't feel the injection.
  • We use the water lase in a preparation of the hard tissue of the teeth without pain or the annoying noise.
  • The brand new Emax porcelain is two-three times more potent than conventional porcelain inlay/onlays. Cerec 5 from Sirona is the newest German manufactured cad/cam machine in the dental market. The use of our intra-oral scanner (Omni-Cam) to scan your teeth after preparation the data of three-dimensional computed model is sent to a milling machine and the inlay/ onlay will be fabricated in 20 minutes.

Advantages of In/On lays:

Most of the dental work out of the mouth thats makes the person more comfort.

The accurate design with CAD/CAM avoiding the human mistakes

The matching color what makes the patient more satisfied

The treatment procedure

Onlays and inlays are also called indirect fillings. They are just like everyday filings with the exception being that they are made in a dental lab instead of being remodeled in a patient's mouth then they are completely cemented on the target tooth.