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hollywood smile in dubai 

If you are not satisfied with your current smile or if the current condition of your teeth is preventing you to eat, smile properly in public, then you may be a candidate for a makeover. It’s no secret that we all want whiter teeth, brighter smile at an affordable price. Dr. Aburas dental Centre in Dubai address all your concerns using the latest technologies to give you ‘Hollywood Smile’.

To achieve Hollywood smile in Dubai, a combination of modern techniques is used such as laser whitening, veneers, crowns, and orthodontics.

Analysis & Treatment plan for Sparkling Hollywood Smile

For fixing the color, shape, or the line of your smile, our dentist at Aburas can analyze your smile and prepare a treatment plan that suits you and your lifestyle.

We use modern equipment and techniques to provide you with the best and long lasting solution (laser, whitening, CEREC3, etc.)

The appearance can be enhanced either with direct bleaching or indirect procedures

A laser whitening technique is more efficient and takes about an hour but costs may vary depending on the particular system. Our team of best dental professionals analyzes the shape, color and the line of your smile and then prepares a treatment plan that suits you and your lifestyle.

It is essential to maintain healthy eating habits once you go through the whitening process. You can contact our expert at Dr. Aburas Dental Centre for opinion and advice on teeth whitening in Dubai.

All in order to draw a beautiful Hollywood smile on your face!

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