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Intra Oral Camera

Did you feel that you really need to see what is happening In your mouth while you are on the dental chair and where are these tools going in and getting out at Dr. Aburas dental center we always use our intra oral camera to let our patient see what are we doing on his own teeth.

Sometimes it is hard for people to understand the situation of their teeth very well as we want that’s why our dentists are always using an intraoral camera is a part of the art dental technical devices that show you what is happening in your mouth exactly.

In That situation our patients can see for themselves everything that is going on inside their mouths with their teeth and we can make a completely convenience and effective decisions about the treatment plans. We can’t imagine life without intraoral cameras now!

What are Intra oral cameras?

  • A digital device with small camera at the end of its tip that looks like an electric toothbrush.
  • USB Connected to our computer and the screen sits on the chair in front of the patient allows watching as we examine your mouth.
  • It can make either video shooting or capturing images to your mouth and teeth and save the work on our computers.
  • The intra oral camera has a bright LED helps us find and diagnose decayed teeth or cracks that can’t be seen by the naked eye.

Advantages of IntraOral Cameras

  • Treatment planning: together we can seek for the best treatment plan for you so you can then decide how to proceed               
  • Documentation: we add these images to your dental record on our system so we can get back to it later, a great way to really examine and follow up erosion and staining.
  • Accurate: we can take bigger and better look pictures for documentation of the inside of your mouth and it truly helps to track and express any changes over time.
  • Easy manipulation: to transfer the case or to have another opinion if we need to get from specialists, so we can just take a photo and email it to them
  • Immediate: you can instantly see what dentist sees as we explore your mouth and teeth, and while dentist works on the treatment.
  • Great educational tool: you can learn more because it shows you what exactly is going on inside your mouth, rather than our dentists trying to describe it merely to you in words!

A picture is worth a thousand words

That why our patients love these Intraoral cameras which exist in all our offices, it shows them all their mouth problems closely and the intended treatment plan we decide to start with then it shows them the results they got after the treatment.

Isn’t great to take away a snapshot of your done procedure home with you?

Usually, we’ll print a soft copy for the patient to take it away immediately or it’ll be sent by email when we need the patient to see any changes at home.

Sometimes the patients will see their dental treatment on our website in cases page or on our social media pages after we get their approval for publishing these photos or videos. Or to be a subject to discuss with our team or in the international conferences.