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The dreams have been achieved with this new imaginary technology provided by Dr. Aburas dental center.

Now, you can have your final crowns and restoration without waiting for the labs procedures.And without using the annoying impression materials.

What is Cerec ?

CEREC is a very advanced system for the fabrication of all ceramic dental pieces in one visit.

Digital technologies are changing our regular lives. Even in dentistry they're essential for contemporary answers to treat many Cases in reality, quickly and economically. Dentists and dental labs alike benefit from CEREC, from the digital impressions and creating the models to the designing and manufacturing of whole restorations like crowns, bridges, in/onlays, over implants dentures and crowns, veneers, surgical guides and appliances for prosthetics, implantology and orthodontics, sirona offers standardized device generation with a seamless digital workflow. This makes transportation of data among the practice and dental lab both simpler and quicker.


Advantages of CEREC Restorations:


  • Single visit: with SEREC, you can get your crown or any other kind of ceramic restoration in single visit because CEREC can perform the dental labs' work, so you will not spend many days just waiting for the lab to finish your ceramic restorations and to find another appointment in your dentist’s schedule. You will have it in the same first appointment.
  • Accuracy: the digital scanner is so accurate compared to the traditional impression and gives the dentists amazing details.
  • No messy impressions: with CEREC OmniCAM our dentists can make scanning to your upper and lower teeth the take the relation between them within less than 4 minutes. Then the dentist can see everything on the screen while scanning and has the ability to adjust and rescan anything on the screen also. That instead of the old, annoying impression way which needs a lot of time and it is nonadjustable and needs to redo again if there is any missing detail.
  • No provisional restoration: the restoration will be fixed directly to the tooth without using any temporary materials, crowns or restorations to cover the prepared tooth to the next session.
  • Saving the time: fabricating the ceramic restorations in the labs needs very long time to perform many complicated steps, and the work in every single step is always in risk of getting mistakes, that's what makes the technicians redo the whole work.
  • Digital data transition: Now in Dr. Aburas dental center we can also use the OmniCAM scanner to make the scan and send the digital impression of your teeth to any lab all over the world if the case needed a lab.
  • Saving the data: Every single case for every patient will be documented and saved on the same device to go back to it any time the dentist need that. and we can mill it or print it in any time later.
  • Aesthetic: now with our new CEREC device the smile design software will be on the same screen where we do the design of the veneers and the results will be exactly the matching the virtual veneers we designed.
  • Prevision: the patient can see everything about his restoration on the screen and adjust the design of his smile before we touch his teeth.