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Dental anxiety can be a block to have a dental treatment. Annoying drills, scary injections and numb lips can prevent you from taking a positive, proactive style to oral health. Have no time in your schedule to multi visit treatments for your teeth or long sessions.

That's why Dr. Aburas dental center offers you the revolution in dentistry "Waterlase" laser device which will increase your treatment acceptance because it provides an alternative to drills with injections, for people who are anxious or fearful and restorations that once entailed multiple appointments can now be completed in a single visit by reducing the need for anesthetic multi-quadrant.

With waterlaze dental procedures will be less pain, less swelling and quicker healing time it can be used for many dental treatments including filling cavities, performing, root canals and removing tooth or gum pigmentation.

Advantages include:

  • Painless so we can avoid the stress of needles: anesthesia by needles isn't needed for waterlase procedures.
  • Avoid the stress of drills: Waterlase depends on the micromechanical strength of the laser photons in eliminating the decayed tissues of the teeth not on drilling technique so it's less noisy.
  • Minimally invasive: the strength of the laser is adjustable according to tissue hardness, so if we set the waterlase at decay remover it will eliminate only the decayed tissues and keep the healthy ones.
  • Fewer dental visits, less time in dental chair: by laser technique we can bypass the taken time for anesthesia to be completed. And we can make the treatment in more than one quadrant of the jaws.
  • Return to daily routine: you can now go back to your usual life and complete your day duties faster after treatment, because there’s no need to wait for removal of numb feeling in your cheek and lip regarding to non-anesthetic procedures by laser.
  • Less chance of drug interactions: there is no need to take any drugs or anesthesia to interact with your daily medication.
  • The healing of the wounds or the gum is so faster: waterlase reduce the risk of wounds infection what delay the tissues healing because it sterilizes any surface the photons touch.
  • Waterlase can be a treatment choice for many patients: with medical conditions like pregnancy, heart diseases, blood hypertension, diabetes, kids, and hypersensitivity for some materials, drugs or anesthesia.

How can the waterlase prevent pain?

Teeth contain water when the laser contact with the tooth it exits the water molecules to come through it the laser keeps the tooth hydrated and prevent heat which means no pain, and when it used on the soft tissue it will be so smooth and without pain, bleed or swelling.​