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Root Canal Treatment

Dr. Aburas Dental Center provides the most professional root canal treatment in Dubai.

Root Canals have a pretty scary reputation in the community. Talking about the name Endodontia ‘root canal treatment' and a lot of people shudder when the just hear about it! Well, in Dr. Aburas clinics you can just sit back and relax… in fact, it's the solution, not the problem and we will always solve all the issues correlated with a painful toothache or facial swelling.

root canal treatment can completely solve your pain caused by such an infected tooth pulp. It certainly should not be a frightening or agonizing procedure but sort of the solution to get rid of your pain and to have a convenient night’s sleep!

we employ the latest versions of medical devices as 2D Digital Imaging (X-rays), roots measurement devices (apex locator), rotary digital instrumentation, and gas sedation even the most worried patients can enjoy painless, quick and treatments with predictable outcomes in saving their teeth.

The common causes that lead to root canal

Regardless of their negative image, root canal treatment (endodontics) can save teeth that in the past they have been infected and would have been extracted. The treatment commonly needs 1 to 3 sessions and sometimes more than that especially if you have abscess with pus. A root canal treatment in Dubai is needed when the pulp which resides inside the tooth canals and contains the nerve and the blood vessels becomes infected. This usually happens because of many reasons:

  • Deep decay: in case the tooth has untreated decay it will get larger and larger by time to reach to the pulp. That means the germs which caused that damage to the tooth found their way to through tooth hard structures to the soft ones and the respond will be by inflammation of the pulp. According to the teeth pulps inflammation, there is a difference comparing with other inflammations in the rest of the body because it irreversible damage and should be removed by RCT.
  • Large fillings: sometimes when the tooth a large filling it's too difficult to make an accurate sealing between the tooth walls and the filling margins and that's what keeps the way for bacteria opened to reach to the pulp through the micro gap between the tooth and its filling.
  • Chemical irritation: some dental materials are sorted as biologically incompatible materials that mean if it's in direct touch to the soft tissue it will cause inflammatory reactions in these tissues. But that reaction varies from person to another. That's why some kinds of filling or adhesive materials may chemically irritate the pulp and cause an inflammatory reaction.
  • Trauma: the trauma on the tooth sometimes causes pulp necrosis what changes the tooth color and after a while, the necrotic pulp tissues will affect the surrounding bone and accelerate inflammation then it becomes an abscess. Especially if these necrotic tissues got infected by germs root canal Dubai is necessary.
  • Mechanical irritation: especially the repeated dental procedures on the same tooth, the rotary tools which are used to make the treatment generates a lot of heat even if there a water coming out from these tools but the repeated use of it on the single tooth will affect the pulp.
  • Cracks: the cracks which pass through the pulp tissue are involved in causing the pulp infection of course by discovering the pulp tissue to face the mouth meddle and all its germs.

The procedure of root canal treatment:

Root canal Dubai is the only way to get rid of the often sharp pain of an infected or highly inflamed pulp might help to block worsening pain or infection. It is a highly experienced domain of dentistry and usually needs several visits.

  1. It involves removing the infected pulp and cleaning away it's remaining inside the canals of your tooth.
  2. On completion of your root canal cleaning, an empty space will be created inside the tooth and it should be filled and firmly sealed by a biologically compatible rubber material to prevent infection re-entering.

The last step of the treatment called the final restoration. It might be a composite filling or post, core, and porcelain crown. The crown is then fixed onto your tooth to regain the outer shape and strengthen it.

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